Farewell to the Graduating: Career Development Center Members

Clockwise from top left: Meaghan Sheehan, Victoria Perron, Avni Nahar, and Emily Camardo,

The Seniors who worked in the Career Development Center at South Burlington High School this past year have been some of the best yet. Emily Camardo, the database manager, Avni Nahar, a CDC correspondent, Victoria Perron, the file manager and National Honor Society liaison, and Meaghan Sheehan, the CDC Appreciation Day coordinator and file assistant have all contributed immensely to the CDC’s success throughout the past four years.

Each of them got their start in different ways: Ms. Camardo “was recruited by Emily Blauvelt” when she was still at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School; Ms. Perron was “introduced to the CDC by a graduating senior who was in need of an assistant”; Ms. Sheehan “started in the CDC in the last few weeks of her freshman year because Mrs. LaVarnway needed more help to go through seniors’ files”; and Ms. Nahar “joined Coalition for Community Service and started tutoring at the middle school.” Their contributions could easily fill multiple editions of this newspaper, but some of their personal favorite moments include working on and organizing CDC Appreciation Day (Ms. Sheehan), learning to accomplish goals independently (Ms. Camardo), being a part of the South Burlington Reparative Board (Ms. Nahar), and “working with all of the other students” (Ms. Perron). Anyone who has ever worked with one of them could attest to their diligence—the four of them have been the backbone of the CDC for the majority of the past few years.

Their dedication has also led to many learning experiences. For Ms. Sheehan, it was “learning how to put herself out there and work in her community”; Ms. Camardo was introduced “to more community service and leadership positions”; Ms. Nahar gained insight into “the importance of giving back, organization, and time-management”; and Ms. Perron “learned a lot about deadlines, working in teams and about professional environment,” also adding that she “will definitely take away a lot of fond memories and experiences that will certainly help in the future.”

From internships to Senior Challenges, managing files to writing articles, organizing blood drives to leading clubs, these four wonderful young women have touched many lives and made innumerable differences within the community in their years at SBHS. The CDC will most certainly feel the loss of this talented group next year, but there is no doubt that each of them will go on to do incredible things. Avni, Emily, Meaghan, and Victoria —thank you so much.

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