Lyons Heads to Boys Nation

Jack Lyons

Jack Lyons is on his way to Washington, D. C. A soon to be senior at Rice Memorial High School, Lyons has been selected as a senator for American Legion Boys Nation which takes place in the nation’s capital July 22 through 30. Boys Nation is an annual program that includes civic training, leadership development, and a focus on Americanism.

Lyons, a resident of South Burlington, says, “I look forward to representing Vermont at Boys’ Nation. I consider it an honor and a privilege, and will try my best to represent our state at this national event.”

Lyons recently served as one of the five Supreme Court justices at Green Mountain Boys State, which had roughly 120 participants. His twin brother, Michael, also attended the program and served as a justice.

At Rice, Lyons serves as student body/student council president, competes on the Scholars Bowl team, participates in Model United Nations, and performed in the school musical. He also volunteers at his parish, St. John Vianney Church as a lector, and helps teach second grade Sunday school. Lyons has a passion for music and enjoys playing the trombone as well as singing. He future plans include attending a Catholic college in the Northeast.

The Boys Nation senators represent the finest of nearly 20,000 incoming high school seniors who attended the 49th annual Boys State programs across the U.S. Lyons is one of two Vermonters who were selected to represent their state; the other is Steven Garcia of Mount Mansfield Union High School.

During their eight days at Boys Nation, 98 senators (two from each state with the exception of Hawaii) will learn from a hands-on approach how the U.S. Senate and the federal government function. Boys are divided into two political parties, the Federalists and the Nationalists, each of which conducts a party convention, sets a platform and nominates members for elected offices, including Boys Nation president, vice president and party leaders. Each senator will also write, introduce and debate a bill of his choosing before an appropriate Senate committee, and if successful at that level the legislation will be voted on by the whole Senate. Bills passing the Senate are later signed or vetoed by the Boys Nation president. The young men will also have an opportunity to tour the National Mall, including the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Wall and Korean War Memorial, along with visiting Capitol Hill for meetings with their state’s U.S. senators.

“I hope that my discussions with fellow delegates and elected officials will expand my knowledge and inspire me to engage more in our country’s democratic process,” says Lyons. He adds, “Thank you to the people at Green Mountain Boys’ State and The American Legion for allowing me the opportunity to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event.”

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