RMCS: The School That Skis!

Each January, students in grades K-5 at Rick Marcotte Central School (RMCS) begin their annual winter Physical Education program led by PE teacher and skiing enthusiast Doug Day. The winter schedule begins around the second week in January, and continues until the start of February break. For six weeks, all students have the opportunity to learn how to cross-country ski or further refine skiing skills learned in previous years.

Under the instruction of Day and with the support of parent volunteers and RMCS staff, the children discover just a few of the basics to get them on their way to learning the techniques of cross country skiing. The fun begins skiing through the soccer fields with the goal of eventually moving into the trails in the woods. This is achieved once the students become more comfortable cross-country skiing and there is enough snow to allow for the additional exploration. During a normal weekly schedule, students take PE class twice a week for 30 minutes at a time. With the assistance of RMCS Principal Sue Luck, the schedules are organized for the six-week skiing classes to accommodate an hour-long PE class once per week. This gives the students extra time to put on ski boots and skis and additional minutes to practice their newly mastered skills and techniques.

Some of the basics of cross-country skiing are taught, including gliding, stopping, and most importantly, how to get up after a fall! The students can choose to use ski poles or go without (most opt for without). The children have a wonderful time being outside, breathing in the fresh winter air, and having fun with their classmates while racing each other through the fields. It truly is a wonderful addition to the Physical Education curriculum at Rick Marcotte Central School. At times when there hasn’t been enough snow on the ground to ski, the students enjoy other activities such as Indoor Olympics, outdoor hockey on the soccer fields, or just a quiet stroll in the woods.

Mr. Day also organizes the Central School Cross-Country Ski Club (CSCCSC) which is held on Fridays during the month of January and also February, weather permitting. Any RMCS student in grade K-5 can ski for fun for an hour after school dismissal. Parents are also welcome to join. Of course, none of these wonderful programs offered are possible without snow. Thankfully, this winter has been more cooperative than last.

Please join us for the next PTO meeting on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm in the Art Room at RMCS. http://central.sbschools.net/pto/

SOURCE: Julie Brancato

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