SBHS Students Partner with The Other Paper

Pictured L to R: Chloe Grant, Elizabeth Croll, Felicia Le, Maddie Weaver-Nolting, Talia Solomon, Alyssa Tenney, Sabina Latifovic, Avni Nahar, and Mrs. LaVarnway. Missing from photograph: Olivia Ferro and Patrick Ryan.

Last year, a group of South Burlington High School (SBHS) students were given the opportunity to step into the world of journalism by contributing articles to The Other Paper. Ten students this year will be given this same opportunity, sharing stories that celebrate SBHS peers doing good work in the community and important Career Developments Center (CDC) events. The group has recently changed its name from Career Clues to the more fitting title CDC Correspondents with the tag line From the CDC Desk. All the freelance writers involved are very excited to have this opportunity with the paper. Below, get to know each writer involved.

Sabina Latifovic, a junior at South Burlington High School, was picked to be a reporter for the Career Development Center’s (CDC) newsletter Career Clues in the eighth grade and has continued with it throughout its evolution to From the CDC Desk and now in its collaboration with The Other Paper. She is involved with multiple programs through the CDC, including tutoring, Coalition for Community Service, and the Congo Leadership Initiative.

Felicia Le is a sophomore at SBHS. In eighth grade, she was asked to become a freelance reporter for the Career Development Center’s (CDC) newsletter, Career Clues. Ms. Le decided to accept this opportunity because she enjoys writing and felt that she could learn something new. Now she and her fellow journalists are contributing articles to The Other Paper as CDC correspondents. Ms. Le is grateful to share the stories of her classmates and have her writing read by a wide variety of people in the community.

As a South Burlington High School (SBHS) freshman, Patrick Ryan is delighted to be beginning what he hopes will be a fun and rewarding time in high school. Some of his favorite activities include biking, playing the piano, and listening to music. He also enjoys watching movies, writing, and reading many different genres of writing. His favorite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, his favorite characters being Fred and George Weasley. He looks forward to being part of the CDC Correspondents because of the exciting opportunity to further his interest in writing and be part of such a great group of students who share the same passion for writing as he does.

Career Development Center correspondent Talia Solomon, a junior at SBHS, enjoys volunteering at various places throughout Chittenden County, including Replays and ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. Ms. Solomon has always enjoyed writing and jumped at the opportunity to write for The Other Paper. “I’m so excited to be a part of this,” she said. “I think it’s an amazing opportunity The Other Paper has given us.” From this experience, she hopes to gain better insight into the world of journalism. “I’ve always been interested in journalism, but I’ve never been sure it’s what I want to do. Hopefully this experience will help me understand what it takes to write for a publication.”

Alyssa Tenney, a junior at South Burlington High School and the editor for CDC Correspondents, is excited this year to have several more SBHS students joining the group. The partnership with The Other Paper has given many high school students who enjoy writing or who are aspiring journalists the opportunity to improve their writing skills, learn about the publication process, and see their articles in print. Being a part of this group of students has been a great learning experience for Ms. Tenney. She is looking forward to continuing CDC Correspondents and writing for the paper this year.

Maddie Weaver-Nolting, a sophomore at South Burlington High School, joined the CDC Correspondents last spring after attending a Coalition for Community Service (CCS) meeting. She heard about the opportunity to become to a member of the writers’ group and was very interested because she has always loved writing. Now she has her chance to do focused and formative writing for The Other Paper. Ms. Weaver-Nolting has plenty of time to decide on her plans after high school but has been recently considering teaching and writing. She hopes to learn different writing techniques and strategies that will help her with her future career.

Olivia Ferro is a senior at South Burlington High School. She enjoys photography, kickboxing, cross country running, and writing. Next year, she hopes to study Biology and English at a university. As an active member in the community, Ms. Ferro is part of PACT and the Coalition for Community Service. She is looking forward to expanding her writing abilities and displaying to the community the accomplishments of her peers.

Chloe Grant is a freshman at SBHS. She was brought over from the middle school to pursue the CDC by Mrs. Olivetti. She loves to write stories, especially fiction. She likes to have fun with her friends, go to the lake, and play field hockey. The reason why she joined the CDC was because she wanted to get involved with the community and have her writing and skills be brought up with everybody, not just her class or school. She hopes to write a lot of interesting stories this year, and to change our community for the better.

Avni Nahar is a senior at South Burlington High School, and has been volunteering through the CDC since her freshman year. She’s always enjoyed the feeling that comes from giving back to the community, and looks forward to showcasing the many extraordinary South Burlington High School students who have been making a difference. She has always had a love for writing, and is looking forward to exploring journalism through this partnership. Avni is also a member of the cross country team, debate team, and Student Council at SBHS.

Elizabeth Croll is a freshman at SBHS. In eighth grade she was asked to become a reporter for the Career Development Center’s newsletter. Since it seemed like a good opportunity to write and because she hadn’t done anything like it before, she accepted the invitation. She hopes to learn more about journalism through this wonderful program. She is excited to send her articles out into the world and to improve her writing skills in a more challenging and realistic environment.

SOURCE: Alyssa Tenney, CDC Correspondent

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