Asya Begovic, Tess LaLonde and Daria Noonan-Wehmeyer

Asya Begovic, Tess LaLonde and Daria Noonan-Wehmeyer at the premiere of their award-winning film, “The Conspiracy Collective.”

South Burlington High School students Asya Begovic, Tess LaLonde and Daria Noonan-Wehmeyer of Syzygy Studios competed May 30 in the Fifty Hour Film Contest at Merrill’s Roxy Cinema in Burlington. The three took home the award for Best Overall Film for their film, “The Conspiracy Collective.” 

The Fifty Hour Film Contest is a “make a film in a weekend” competition designed specifically for Vermont middle and high school students. Founded in 2005 by Tom Preska and Jim Shields, two Vermont high school digital arts teachers, the contest was envisioned as a fun way to bring top student filmmakers from around the state together to learn from and experience the work of their peers. 

This year’s contest them was science fiction. The student filmmakers made “The Conspiracy Collective” asking the questions, “Have you ever wondered what’s out there? Do you think you might have had contact with something beyond this world? Do you want to learn the truth?” 

“I’m super excited and happy for the students,” South Burlington High School design technology teacher Philip Galiga said.

The last time South Burlington High School competed in the contest was 2014. This year, two student teams entered, Burger and Syzygy Studios. “The Conspiracy Collective” can be viewed at and Burger’s “Verde Jugo” at

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