SBSD Wellness & Resilience Program

Community Evening Planning Committee members (left to right) Pam Padgett, Carol Wheeler, Kathy Buley, and Marcy Murray. (Missing from photo: Erin Randall-Mullins.)

The South Burlington School District (SBSD) has another “R” in the curriculum—resilience. In addition to reading, writing, arithmetic, rigor, relevance, and relationships, staff, students, and families are learning the importance of a focused mind through the South Burlington Wellness and Resilience Program. Educators will offer updates on this nationally recognized work at a Community Evening on Wednesday, November 9, 6:30–8 p.m., in the South Burlington High School auditorium. The event is free and open to the public.

“A growing body of research is telling educators that when students can manage their emotions effectively and become resilient to the obstacles in their path, they arrive at an optimal zone for learning,” noted South Burlington educator Kathy Buley. “Through a number of simple breathing and relaxation exercises, educators have learned the necessary techniques to model in their own lives and bring to students.”

“As the Wellness and Resilience Program grows,” continued Ms. Buley, “it is important for families to continue to be partners in our efforts. Toward that goal, we welcome the opportunity to explain the objectives of the program, discuss the brain research that drives our efforts, share simple exercises, and have some fun as a community of learners. We hope families will be able to join us on November 9.”

The evening will include refreshments and a raffle. Children over five years old are welcomed at the event, where they will listen to stories in the children’s section of the Community Library for the first half of the evening and then join their parents/guardians in the breakout sessions for the second half of the evening. Please contact Marcy Murray at 658-0521 or to reserve a space for your school-aged child. For further information about the event, please contact school counselor Carol Wheeler at 652-7346 or

For more information on the South Burlington Wellness and Resilience Program, please go to Choose “Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.” Then choose “Social and Emotional Learning.”

SOURCE: Kathy Buley & Susie Merrick

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