Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School, Jan. 2, 2019, 7-8:35 p.m.

Members present: Chair Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Superintendent David Young, Martin LaLonde, Steve Wisloski, Bridget Burkhardt, Alex McHenry, and student representatives Arnel Husrefovic and Cole Patno

Others present: Business Manager Amadee Denton, Director of Operations and Financial Management Gary Marckres, Director of Student Support Services Joanne Godek, and Noah Everitt

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There were no amendments to the agenda.

Announcements/Student Representative Report: Tuttle Middle School will stage their performance of the play “I Remember Mama” Jan. 9-11. Exam week will take place for South Burlington High School students next week and a new schedule will begin Jan. 14 where facetime and student advisory sessions will occur in the morning and be more structured. Husrefovic announced that he has been accepted to American University and will be attending in the fall.

City and School Collaboration: Dates for meetings between Kevin Dorn, Helen Riehle, David Young, and Elizabeth Fitzgerald have been set up. Regular meetings regarding various aspects of the City Hall/Library/ Senior Center project will also begin to take place the first Thursday of each month between Young and city officials.

Master Planning and Visioning: The working group met Jan. 2 to look at a draft of options. The board will receive a more thorough update at the Jan. 16 meeting. The group who went on the school tours in Massachusetts will have the chance to offer feedback as well. Burkhardt reported that a half-day session will be held with the working group Jan. 9 in order to dive into Dore and Whittier’s work and begin the process of ranking options.

Gary Marckres and Amadee Denton presented the administration’s budget recommendations for FY 2020. The administration had made modifications to the budget since the Dec. 19 meeting. They outlined reductions and additions, and Joanne Godek was on hand to explain the need for the Early Essential Education program at Central School. The proposed budget comes in at $52,047,013, which is $485,933 less than the budget presented Dec. 19.

South Burlington’s Common Level of Appraisal has come in at 93.28 percent, according to the board. That means that South Burlington’s Grand List, the list of all real property in the city and the city’s assessed value of that property, is valued at 93.28 percent of the current fair market value. The CLA is an average percentage of the differences between property assessments and what those properties actually sell for. In calculating the health of a municipality’s Grand List, the closer to 100 percent or more of the current market value the property is, the more accurate the assessed value is. By law, a common level of appraisal under 80 percent will trigger a required reappraisal.

Because Vermont education system is funded primarily though property taxes, the CLA, the number of equalized pupils, and a district’s per equalized per pupil spending are all factors used to calculate a municipality’s annual educational property tax rate.

The number of equalized pupils is 2523.68. This budget represents a 2.75 percent increase over FY 19 and residents would see a $72 annual increase in their taxes per $100,000 of assessed value prior to income sensitivity. This proposed budget could still see adjustments during the budget special session on Jan. 9. Action is warned on the budget for the Jan. 16 meeting and board budget approval will be needed in order to warn ballot items by Jan. 19.

Negotiations Update: One meeting has been held with the support staff so far and two more are scheduled for Jan. 14 and Jan. 28. Two collective bargaining sessions have been scheduled with the South Burlington Education Association for Jan. 7 and Feb. 4.

Executive Limitations Policy Monitoring 2.0 Global Executive Constraint was moved to the Jan. 9 meeting.

The agendas were set for the Jan. 9 and Jan. 16 meetings. The Jan. 9 meeting will focus primarily on the budget. The Jan. 16 meeting will include the budget recommended for board action, information about the raising of the Black Lives Matter flag, and the City Hall/Library/Seniro Center project design status.

Future Agenda Items include: Global Executive Constraint Community Feedback, Non Union Support Staff Employee Manual, Federal and State Education Policies, Assessment of How We Are Doing, How to Run Effective Public Hearings, and a Youth Risk Behavior Survey Update

The minutes of the meetings of Dec. 17 and Dec.19, 2018 were approved via consensus.

There were no questions on Accounts Payable Order #23.


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