Tuttlefest 2019

The Frederik E. Tuttle Middle School held its annual Tuttlefest on May 31, when the sixth, seventh and eighth-graders perform community service and clean-up projects. Above, Tuttle sixth-graders cleaning out the gardens in the back of the school.  Lake Monsters mascot Champ and UVM mascot Riley joined Tuttlefest in the afternoon. Garden supplies were donated by Lowe’s South Burlington, Common Roots farm at South Village and UVM Horticulture Farm.

Each year, the Frederick E. Tuttle Middle School hosts a wonderfully packed day called Tuttlefest. This year on May 31, the sixth, seventh  and eighth graders all participated in various community service projects and fun outdoor activities. The community service included making animal beds and toys for the animals at The Humane Society of Chittenden County, working in the garden at the school, cleaning and fixing up outdoor areas around the school, reading to first and second graders at Rick Marcotte Central School, helping out at the community library and picking up litter while hiking up Mt. Philo (to name only a few).  After the community service, students then had afternoon activities such as playing Capture the Flag, inflatable twister, Tug of War and a dunk tank where principal Karsten Schlenter volunteered to be dunked!! 

“I had fun going to Oakledge, we picked up a lot of garbage!” said sixth-grader Jesse Poor.

Theo Wells, another sixth-grader, helped clean out the gardens in the back. 

 “I got to use a planting hoe to dig up the weeds,” he said.

Students were also outside painting the electrical boxes at the entrance to the school. 

All in all it was a fun way for students at Tuttle to give back to the community as a whole.

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