Jack Zuccareno

Jack Zuccareno in his South Burlington High School classroom after the Japanese National Honor Society induction ceremony.

Jack Zuccareno, a senior at South Burlington High School was inducted into the Japanese National Honor Society pre-college chapter during an April 30 classroom ceremony. The Japanese National Honor Society recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence in Japanese study, while expanding and deepening knowledge and appreciation of Japan and its culture.

According to South Burlington High School Japanese language instructor Sinyoung Ra Evans, Zuccareno is one of four students from the school’s Japanese program who have been inducted into Japanese National Honor Society. The first three students, who graduated in 2018, were inducted last year among 2,162 students in 32 states, nationwide. In Northern New England, the South Burlington High School Japanese program is the only high school program that has multiple inductees.  

“Starting from hiragana (Japanese alphabet) to the level of real-life communication in Japan or even creatively writing scripts for Japanese skits, learning a non-western language for a native speaker of English takes patience and determination throughout one’s high school life,” said Evans.

Zuccareno began learning Japanese as a freshman at South Burlington High School. During his junior year, he traveled to Japan as part of the school’s exchange program TIE (The International Experience), where he had the opportunity to immerse himself in the language.

 “I hope this SBHS Japanese program legacy will continue to grow and keep on sending off our students as global citizens in the 21st century,” Evans said.

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