Get Ready to Vermontivate!

Karen McKenny, the Vermontivator; If you would like more information or would like to join the South Burlington Team please drop me an email at

Vermontivate 2014! is getting ready to start and we are building a South Burlington team. Join your neighbors as we complete challenges to educate, inspire, and motivate us to deal with the issues of climate change in a fun engaging way! The game is played online for 6 weeks and presents you with challenges in the areas of transportation, energy conservation, and food sustainability…plus some fun wild card challenges. The game is for all ages and “green” experience levels. You can play as little or as much as you want and every challenge you do will earn points for our town! I have been the ‘pointiest’ player for the last two years and can help you along the way. As an outcome of playing last year and completing a challenge involving energy conservation, my family is saving over $1,000 this year on our electric bill. This game will educate you and show you the ways that you can make a difference, one person at a time, on the issue of climate change.

What is Vermontivate?

Vermontivate! is an inter-town competition bringing fun, creativity, and heaps of ice cream to the serious and important work of addressing the global climate crisis. Our goal is to get Vermont (and, of course, the rest of the world) rocketing down the path to complete sustainability as fast as possible, and have a fantastic time doing it!

Starting on Vermont Energy Independence Day - March 21 - and running through GreenUp Day - May 3 - players will engage a wide range of sustainability challenges and earn points on behalf of their town or school. The winning town will get an ice cream party from Ben&Jerry’s, and the winning school will get a six-foot teddy bear from VT Teddybear.

Vermontivate! started in 2012 as a small trial project with 13 towns and 150 players, and won the Best Energy Project Award from the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network. Players said that Vermontivate! was fun, entertaining, and educational, and that, most importantly, it gave them hope where they needed it the most. “Vermontivate!” said one player, “is an antidote to despair.”

During the second round in 2013, Vermontivate! grew enormously, bringing on 31 towns and over 250 players. We also built promotional partnerships with over three dozen non-profits, state agencies, and green businesses who believe in the power of play to help make serious change.

How To Get Your Fine Self Or Organization Involved

Vermont Energy Independence Day, Friday, March 21, marks the official launch of the game, though until then players can register on the website - - and encourage their friends and neighbors to sign up as well. In fact, anyone can sign up to play, even if they don’t live in Vermont because, really, Vermont is really just a state of mind.

Schools are welcome to sign up for the special Vermontivate! schools track. We’ve partnered with educational groups like Shelburne Farms, the Vermont Energy Education Program, NOFA, and Safe Routes to Schools to offer student and school-friendly challenges.

Local businesses who’d like to be a part of the action can offer their establishments as a club house for their town’s team. They can also sign up to offer small discounts and other promotional items to anyone who’s playing the game.

SOURCE: Karen McKenny, SB Vermontivate Team Leader

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