Bresland Joins Board

Bresland is both a new South Burlington resident and the newest member of the DRB.

Welcome Brian Breslend, the newest member of the Development Review Board. Breslend currently fills the seat once occupied by former DRB member, Art Klugo, bringing the board back to seven members. Breslend will serve out the rest of Klugo’s term through 2015.

What is your background prior to becoming a Development Review Board member?

I grew up in Springfield, Vt. and graduated from high school in 2003. I attended UVM for Civil Engineering and obtained my bachelor’s degree in 2007. I have been practicing engineering since at Dubois & King. I work in the transportation department, developing things such as bridges, roads, sidewalks, bike paths, railroads, roundabouts, traffic studies, intersection improvements, etc. so I felt that working on the DRB would be right up my alley.

How long have you been a South Burlington resident?

I just recently purchased a house on Charles Street in March with my fiancée.

What sparked your interest in applying for the Development Review Board position?

I have always wanted to be more involved in my community but was having trouble finding the right opportunity. I had been reading Front Porch Forum a couple of months ago and read that South Burlington was looking for applicants for the DRB. That, on top of the feeling of ownership/community to the city by being a homeowner, prompted me to jump at the opportunity.

The DRB abides by the current Land Development Regulations, but do you have an opinion on Form Based Code, which is planned to be the new zoning regulation for City Center?

I do not have an opinion on Form Based Code, at the moment.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I’m interested in almost everything. To list a few: boating, fishing, ice fishing, hunting, investments, camping, hiking, rugby, kayaking, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, mead-making (honey wine), bee-keeping, and exercising.

Current DRB Members

Tim Barritt serves as the chair of the board. Barritt has lived in two locations in South Burlington over the past 20+ years. By day, Barritt works at IBM as an engineer in an IT department. He is married and has two children. Barritt loves the South Burlington community and tries to take every opportunity to apply this caring where he can, on future developments reviewed by the DRB. Barritt is serving a four-year term through 2015.

Bill Miller serves as the vice chair of the board; he joined the board in July 2012. Miller is a consulting CFO for several small and medium companies and has lived (and walked) in South Burlington for over 20 years; he sent four children through South Burlington schools. He is currently CFO for Green Lantern Capital. He is serving a three-year term though 2016.

David Parsons serves as the clerk of the board. Parsons joined the board along with Jennifer Smith in July 2013. Parsons moved to South Burlington in October 2011, graduated from CVU and UVM, worked in residential real estate and now works for MVP Health Care. He is serving a four-year term through 2017.

Mark Behr is the longest-serving DRB member (since 2005) and was the previous chair of the board. Behr is Vice President at Richard Henry Behr Architect P.C. and is the director of design for both the N.Y. and Vt. offices. He is serving a three-year term through 2017.

Jennifer Smith joined the DRB at the same time as David Parsons in July 2013. She was born and raised in South Burlington and left Vermont for graduate school in Virginia, and then again for work in North Carolina, but Vermont’s small size and welcoming memories drew her back. She works for a well-established architectural firm in South Burlington. She is serving a three-year term through 2016.

John Wilking joined the DRB in May 2014. Wilking is married, has two children, and has lived in his old farmhouse on Dorset Street in the SEQ since 1993. Wilking has owned Neville Companies, a real estate management firm, since 1989. He has worked on city-related projects such as the City Manager Selection Committee and is a founding member of the South Burlington Business Association. Wilking is serving a four-year term through 2018.

SOURCE: Miranda Jonswold, Correspondent

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