Dr. Shuman Receives Prestigious Dental Award

Dr. Brian Shuman

South Burlington resident Dr. Brian Shuman, owner of Associates in Periodontics, recently received Vermont State Dental Society’s (VSDS) most prestigious Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his outstanding commitment to the dental profession and the oral health of Vermonters.

The award was presented September 18th at the VSDS annual meeting in honor of his “many years of dedicated service to the field of dentistry.” His 25 years as Chairman of Continuing Education, his co-chairing of the Special Olympics Special Smiles annual event and his Chairing the Vermont Technical College Hygiene School Advisory Board are just some examples of his outstanding commitment to the dental profession and the oral health of Vermonters.

The award came almost three years to the day that a fire destroyed Shuman’s historic Burlington office. “Even during the most challenging of times, i.e. fire,” said former VSDS president Dr. David McLean, “[Dr. Shuman] has continued to serve the VSDS, giving generously of both his time, and himself. [His] relentless commitment to volunteering to the betterment of the profession and the oral health of Vermonters makes him truly worthy of the VSDS honor.”

“He’s unbelievable… We couldn’t do what we do without him,” said VSDS Executive Director Vaughn Collins.

Dr. Shuman has also received the United Way Building Block award for his work with Special Olympics, and has served as chief supervising dentist at the Vermont Technical College’s School of Dental Hygiene, president of the Champlain Valley Dental Society, and vice president of the Vermont Periodontal Society. He has also served as a Trustee for North East Delta Dental, and on Vermont’s Oral Health Coalition Board. He is Chief Periodontal Instructor at the Fletcher Allen Dental Residency and is the State of Vermont’s Liaison to The American Dental Association’s Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry.

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