Nail Goddess and Associates: Much More Than Nails

From left: Nail Goddess owner Julia Lucia with associates Edie Stygles and Robin McManus

Salon Expands Services to Add Hair Replacement Options

Don’t let the name of this longtime South Burlington business owned and managed by resident Julia Lucia fool you. This nail salon has grown from a one-woman shop into a premier full-service beauty salon for men, women, and children. “Nail Goddess and Associates offers complete nail care, waxing, and hair services for everyone,” says Ms. Lucia. “Customers come here for relaxation, conversation, and transformation, and it’s important to me that we provide an atmosphere where that can happen,” she said.

Lucia relocated her 26-year-old business from Williston Road to the White Street location and expanded its services. Experienced hair stylists, Robin McManus and Edie Stygles, both of whom have decades of experience in hair and nail services complete the team.

One of the more unusual salon services provided at Nail Goddess and Associates grew out of a personal need of owner Lucia. Hair specialist Robin McManus recently attended professional workshops and added the new services of non-surgical hair replacement and hair straightening to the salon’s repertoire. “About 12 years ago Julia experienced hair loss from Discoid Lupus, a rare skin disorder,” McManus offered. “She tried numerous options over the years and is pleased with the quality human hair pieces we now provide.” The custom hair enhancements look more natural and are more comfortable and stylish than similar wigs available in stores, by mail order, or online. Plus they are light, easy to maintain, and affordable. Human hair enhancement products are typically expensive; starting at $300. But the hair products at the Nail Goddess are not as costly comparatively. “Men and women looking for non-surgical hair replacement at a reasonable cost should come to the Nail Goddess. Not only do I understand the entire process. I live it,” Lucia said.

At Nail Goddess, McManus offers a free, no obligation hair loss and scalp evaluation in a private setting for those men and women experiencing thinning hair, baldness, or medically-related hair loss.

Nail Goddess and Associates is located at 55 White Street in South Burlington, across the street from the Post Office.

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