Residents Launch Eco-friendly Wedding Website

Residents and neighbors Clorinda Leddy and Susan Fitzpatrick (above L to R)

Residents and neighbors Clorinda Leddy and Susan Fitzpatrick (above L to R) are pleased to announce the launch of their new website, Stuff for Weddings. Stuff for Weddings is a free online marketplace where you can buy, sell, connect, and exchange everything you need for a beautiful and affordable wedding.

Stuff for Weddings was born out of a need both Leddy and Fitzpatrick saw after planning their own daughters’ weddings. “I found myself spending hours on the phone and in person with vendors only to discover unreasonably high prices for things. I thought there must be a better way,” says Leddy.

Fitzpatrick agreed. “With a little resourcefulness, I was able to pull off a less expensive yet still beautiful wedding for my daughter, but it wasn’t always easy finding the right items at the right price.”

The pair decided that there must be a better, cheaper and more eco-friendly way to pull off the perfect wedding. Instead of renting the linens, cutlery, and even the dance floor for one night, customers can buy them at an affordable price. And then these barely used wedding items can be recycled and used again by another bride.

Stuff for Weddings (at compiles these gently used articles so other brides-to-be and their mothers can easily search and find stuff for their weddings.

“People invest so much time and money into their wedding and it’s over in a day. Our hope is this website will provide a way to recycle these items and give them a longer life. Everyone is looking for ways to reduce waste and save, and Stuff for Weddings will help this cause, “says Fitzpatrick and Leddy.

SOURCE: Stuff for Weddings

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