Meagan Roy

Meagan Roy

The Snelling Center for Government announced that Meagan Roy of South Burlington has graduated from the Vermont School Leadership Project (VSLP). The program provides intensive professional development for superintendents, principals, curriculum and special education directors, as well as other education professionals who have proven leadership abilities.

“Meagan was a thoughtful and engaged member of the class of 2018,” said Val Gardner, co-director of VSLP. “With her strong intellect and vast experiences as a leader, she was able to add much to the learning of the cohort.”

Roy has been an educator in Vermont since 2002. She is currently the director of student support services for the Champlain Valley School District, where she oversees special education and other student support services. She is a former special education administrator and intensive needs special educator for the Milton Town School District.

“Snelling was a wonderful experience,” said Roy. “I’m grateful for the connections made and relationships built with a group of inspiring Vermont educators. The insights I’ve gained from working with those leaders is certainly the most sustaining part of the work. I’m not surprised that this is the case, and am grateful for the change to continue to learn from them throughout my career. Vermont education is very interconnected, and I look forward to running into my Snelling colleagues!”

Roy was one of 24 educators in the 2018 class that began in July 2017 and included seven overnight sessions with a total of 18 seminar days. Through theoretical discussions, experiential activities and personal reflection, class members considered and applied concepts related to leadership, education systems, organizational change, and community. The class of 2018 is the 13th graduating class of the Vermont Leadership School Project, and Roy joins more than 250 other graduates who are making a difference in Vermont’s schools.

The Snelling Center for Government is a non-partisan, non-profit organization. Recruitment for the Vermont School Leadership Project Class of 2020 is now underway. The Class of 2020 will begin its program in July 2019. To learn more, visit

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