The Junior League of Champlain Valley Diaper Bank announced a donation of 255,000 diapers by the National Diaper Bank Network and its founding sponsor, Huggies.

“This incredible donation means that more of our friends, neighbors and families will have access to the diapers necessary to keep their babies and toddlers clean, dry and healthy,” said Diaper Bank Chair Amanda Herzberger. “Plus, the supply of diapers will allow us to focus our attention on education, advocacy and refining how we can better help address diaper need in the Champlain Valley.”

According to the Junior League, it can cost over $75 per month to diaper a child, and no state or federal safety-net program allocates dollars specifically for the purchase of diapers. Programs like SNAP and WIC are food-based and cannot be used by parents to buy diapers. Most childcare centers require parents to provide a daily supply of diapers to care for a baby. Without diapers for their child, many parents cannot go to work or school.

“Because of the amazing community support for the Diaper Bank, we qualified to receive such a large donation,” said Herzberger.

The Junior League of Champlain Valley Diaper Bank began distributing diapers to area food shelves from its South Burlington headquarters in November 2018. Since that time, the Diaper Bank has supplied more than 96,000 diapers to area families.

Groups of volunteers from local businesses, churches, schools and other community-based organizations are invited to participate in “diaper repackagings,” held at the Diaper Bank’s headquarters, 3060 Williston Road. The Diaper Bank receives diaper donations in all forms and then repackages the diapers into packages of 25 for distribution to agency partners.

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