Patrick was born on Dec. 18, 1959, in Philadelphia, Pa. and passed away on April 15, 2019. He was 59 at the time of passing.

He was a resident of South Burlington since 1997 and was loved by all in the community.

Patrick was an employee of Chittenden Solid Waste District at the Patchen Road facility and South Burlington School District as a substitute bus driver.

He is survived by his wife of 38 years, Loreen M. Benner; his two sons, Christopher M. Benner and his wife, and Patrick M. Benner Jr.; and by his daughter, Anne-Marie Benner. Also, his sisters Debra Rutkowski, Kelly Cunningham and Barbara Ann White and spouses; and brother Edward Wood. Plus, various nieces and nephews; and two grandsons Andy and Jake. 

Patrick was also a notary public and justice of the peace for South Burlington and a member of Vermont Emergency Management. He was a local concealed weapons permit instructor for the states of Utah and Florida, along with teaching home protection classes and personal protection and instruction. He was also a member of the Knights of Columbus, 4th degree knight. 

Patrick earned his doctorate in two fields of philosophy and religion with a masters of psychology from the Universal Church of Christ through UCLA. 

In lieu of flowers, all donations should be sent to the Franklin County Human Society or NRA Heritage Society.

A memorial service was held on Wednesday, May 1 at The Church of Christ in South Burlington.

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