“U and I are Mentors” Recruitment Campaign Launched

Mobius recently hosted 17 youth mentors from seven local mentoring programs at the Mentor Ambassador Launch at Heritage Aviation in South Burlington. The event served as an orientation for current mentors who will use their mentoring experiences to recruit friends, family members, and colleagues to become mentors. These Mentor Ambassadors will lead the “U and I are Mentors” recruitment campaign, which launched Thursday, May 17.

As part of the campaign, Mobius is releasing short videos of three lead Ambassadors who will be featured with their mentees on the Mobius website: King Street mentor Sarah Soule and her mentee Makayla; Boys and Girls Club mentor pair Mark Redmond Sharmarke; and Connecting Youth mentor pair Sam Messer and Ricky. These three mentors are spearheading a group of more than 20 Mentor Ambassadors whose goal is to recruit 150 new mentors over the course of the campaign.

For Soule, the Director of Admissions and College Counseling for the Vermont Commons School in South Burlington, mentoring has been a rewarding experience over the course of many years, and one that she is eager to pass along to others. “Mentoring has changed my life in immeasurable ways,” says Soule. “Each week I am able to spend time with a child and share fun adventures that I might not otherwise be able to partake in. I encourage others to consider mentoring as a way of giving back to the local community in a meaningful way.”

Resident Susie Merrick, coordinator for SB Mentoring in the SB School District, is eager to use the campaign to find new mentors for the second year of her program, especially men. “I love the idea of current mentors and program coordinators working together to spread the good word about the value and importance of mentoring,” says Merrick. “When they speak about their experience as school-based mentors, others see their genuine enthusiasm and are more likely to take a next step to become mentors themselves.”

“I don’t think there can be a higher calling than mentoring,” says Toby Knox, vice president of the Mobius board of directors and a mentor of seven years. He invited everyone who supports mentoring to become an Ambassador and join the campaign.

The “U and I are Mentors” campaign, which runs from May through August, will utilize research commissioned by Mobius, and creative work to target potential mentors, especially men. This initiative was made possible by a grant from Jane’s Trust.

Mobius partners with mentoring programs in Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties and is a local state affiliate of The National Mentoring Partnership. To learn more about how to become a mentor or support the local mentoring movement, call Marissa Wilkens at 658-1888 or visit www.mobiusmentors.org.

SOURCE: Mobius

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