Tim Barritt

Tim Barritt

Tim Barritt has announced he is seeking re-election to the South Burlington City Council. He first ran for council in 2016 and won the three-year seat. He is seeking re-election to that seat

“The last three years have been incredibly important to our city and I feel honored to have been on city council,” said Barritt, who works at GlobalFoundries. “We have had some challenging and exciting changes. City Center, which has been a main focus of the council, has progressed very quickly since voters agreed to the Tax Increment Financing parameters in 2017. I know that seeing the earth torn up can be stressful for people, but it’s important to look into the future to see the neighborhoods and infrastructure that will be central to the city’s goal of being a place to live with a very high quality of life. Investments like the Penny for Paths and the city’s recent involvement in the Auclair property conservation demonstrate our commitment to keeping that balance of open space, recreation, and development.”

A resident of South Burlington for over 26 years, Barritt and his family first lived in the East Woods neighborhood and now reside in the Cider Mill neighborhood. His wife is a retired art teacher, their son Sam is a PhD candidate, and their daughter Ali is a sophomore at the University of Vermont. 

Prior to his time on the council, Barritt served on the Library Board of Trustees and the Development Review Board, where he served as chair.

Barritt says he understands that some of his positions may have displeased some voters over the years but emphasizes his concern for the county’s affordable housing shortage.

“My motivation behind votes concerning the airport have always been about preventing the destruction of any more homes while honoring the rights of homeowners already engaged in FAA purchase actions,” he said.

Although Barritt supports a new home for the library, he voted against the proposal to build it in City Center.

“I thought the price tag was too high, regardless of being in the TIF district, and I really couldn’t see why we need a new city hall,” he said. “I think there should have been other options to explore. But since the voters approved it, I understand and respect this project’s momentum.”

If elected, Barritt say he looks forward to three more years of work on issues like City Center development, interim zoning, protecting open space, efficiency improvements and the delicate interplay of tax rates and investment in the city’s future.

“I really respect our city staff, their hard work and thoughtful input,” Barritt said. “I enjoy working with them and always consider their counsel to be especially insightful to the council. I look forward to continuing that relationship.”

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