Leslie Griffiths

The 2019 Tuttle Memorial Award winner Leslie Griffiths is flanked by South Burlington Rotary President George Donovan, left, and Rotarian and presenter George Chattman.

The South Burlington Rotary Club held its first Honors Evening on Jan. 25 at Trader Duke’s Hotel to thank donors, honor recipients of Rotary donations of time or talent, and to award the 2018 Tuttle Memorial Award.

The evening began with a color guard jointly led by South Burlington-based Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops. Representatives from nearly 20 community-based organizations thanked the Rotary for its support over the last two years. Leadership from the city’s municipal departments receiving support, also offered their thanks. In turn, the Rotary Club acknowledged the support of over 20 businesses which provided financial support for Rotary activities.

City representatives recognized the many ways in which the Rotary Club has helped the city itself, noting Veterans Memorial Park amenities like the band shell, 911 memorial plaque, and flagpole, recreation path benches, bookmobile, recognition events for both fire and police, and student support, such as dictionaries to elementary students, speech contests, international youth exchange, scholarship, and much more.

The evening ended with awarding of the 25th annual Tuttle Memorial Award in honor of Fredrick H. Tuttle who served as South Burlington Schools’ superintendent for 20 years until his death in 1992. The award recognizes “individuals who go beyond the expected, bringing extraordinary zeal and integrity to everything in which they are involved while enhancing the South Burlington community at large.”

The 2018 recipient is Leslie Griffiths, a longtime advocate for the underprivileged, children’s development, and women. A mechanical engineer at Global Foundaries, she has led COTS/CROP walks, Odyssey of the Mind, and the Society of Women Engineers, Global Women. She has also been an active volunteer at events supporting STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers for women.

Rotarian Bruce Chattman lauded Griffiths in his remarks introducing her at the award ceremony last week.

“As should be obvious to all, Leslie is truly deserving as an individual who, like Mr. Tuttle, goes far beyond the expected and brings extraordinary zeal and integrity to everything in which they are involved while enhancing the South Burlington community at large,” he said.

The person who nominated Griffiths asked to be anonymous, but the statements written on the nomination form tell it all.

“I have been in the workplace for almost 40 years, and I have never seen anyone who gives so much to the world in so many ways,” the nomination form reads. “When Leslie joins something, she gives it her all… I wanted to nominate her for this community award because her considerable involvement stretches so far past the workplace. The entire South Burlington community should know of her many contributions.”

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