An online article in USA Today named the best cities in each state and South Burlington made the list representing Vermont.

Overlook Park

USA Today online included this photo looking west from Overlook Park to illustrate the beauty of South Burlington.

Under a fall foliage photo looking west toward Lake Champlain from Overlook Park on Spear Street, the magazine listed the city’s vital statistics, including a five-year population change of plus-6.2 percent, a median home value of $271,900, and a median income of $66,728. The story listed the city’s population at 18,704, although the current population is over 19,000.

The writers used census data to compile an information index of the cities.

“When it comes to choosing a place to call home, everyone has their own priorities and subjective tastes,” the introduction to the article reads. “Still, there are specific attributes some communities share that are almost universally desirable: safe streets, a strong economy, affordability and a range of entertainment options, to name a few.”

As for the South Burlington blurb, it is perfunctory and mentions Burlington more than some would like, but is flattering nonetheless.

“Sitting along Lake Champlain, South Burlington is adjacent to Burlington, the largest city in Vermont. With access to a number of nearby colleges, including Champlain College and the University of Vermont, South Burlington’s population is well educated. Over half of all the city’s adult residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, well above the 30.3 percent national bachelor’s degree attainment rate.”

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