Candidates for State Representative: Ann Pugh

Ann Pugh

Rep. Ann Pugh, District 7-2

Party: Democratic, Incumbent

Education: B.S. from Union College, Schenectady, NY; MSW from Washington University, St. Louis, MO; CAS from University of Vermont

Occupation: Faculty member, University of Vermont Department of Social Work

Years as SB resident: 40 years

1 What skills and experience uniquely qualify you for the position of State Representative?

Experience, Leadership, Curiosity, and Stamina. I do not want people in our state to become exhausted, cynical, and burned out by their circumstances. I want them to remain positive and energized about the possibilities in Vermont. I will continue to work across the aisle with our new administration and new Legislators to effect the changes necessary to improve our economy, health care system, education, work force development, and to maintain our “Vermont Brand.”

2 What is the most important statewide legislative issue to be addressed in the upcoming term, and what specific solutions do you suggest or support in overcoming the problem?

Economic-workforce development that aligns the skills and talents of our workforce with those that our employers need and the 21st century economy demands is the most important statewide legislative issue to be addressed in the upcoming session. Critical to the success of economic development is keeping and attracting young families and maximizing the contributions of New Americans to our economy. The availability of quality, safe, affordable childcare and housing they can afford are two important factors in doing so. All efforts in these areas must be supported by a state government that is fiscally responsible.

3 What are the key issues 1) in your own district, and 2) in the City of South Burlington? How will you address these locally and on the state level?

Whether it is the number and location of our elementary schools or the development of City Center/Market Street, the city council, school board and residents are engaged in a respectful and robust debate as to what South Burlington will be like in the future. Affordability, property taxes, and quality of life are embedded in these debates. A sign of a healthy community is this community engagement and dialogue. At the state level, I will continue to be a voice that brings South Burlington’s interests to the table as the legislature considers such issues as education funding, taxation, cleaning up our lake and renewable energy.

4 What specific priorities or objectives do you hope to accomplish if elected?

My over-arching priority is to promote greater financial security for all Vermonters. That means investing in people so that they have the education, skills and resources to participate in the 21st century economy. That means being visionary in our responses to the contributions and challenges of the increasing number of aging Vermonters. That means investing in our infrastructure and building on our spirit of entrepreneurship to grow the economy. That means protecting our environment and our quality of life-existing assets that make Vermont a state that people want to live, work and raise a family in. That means doing this in a way that we can afford.

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