Gregory R. Moody Jr.

Gregory R. Moody Jr.

Authorities say a Colchester man has been arrested on two bank robbery charges, including for a holdup at the Community Bank at 1309 Williston Road in South Burlington last Thursday.

Gregory R. Moody Jr., 38, of Williams Road is also wanted for a bank robbery at the TD Bank on North Main Street in St. Albans City on March 22, court records show.

The state charges may be dismissed in favor of federal prosecution. A criminal complaint was filed in U.S. District Court in Burlington on Monday.

South Burlington Police arrested Moody at the Burlington International Airport about 4:45 a.m. Saturday. The joint investigation by St. Albans and South Burlington Police had pinpointed Moody as the suspect in both robberies, officials said.

Moody had eluded South Burlington Police for about 36 hours, but eventually called the emergency dispatch center Saturday saying he was ready to surrender, police said. While being fingerprinted Moody said he did not assault anybody and would be able to beat the charges without a lawyer, Detective Sean Pope said in a court affidavit.

Police lodged Moody at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility for lack of $10,000 bail on Saturday on the state charges. He was arraigned Monday and denied the charges, but a federal detainer has been placed on him, officials said.

South Burlington Police said a lone man walked into the bank near the corner of Hinesburg Road and demanded money from the teller at about 3:57 p.m. Thursday. The male teller said no weapon was displayed and no threat was made, Pope wrote in his affidavit. The robber got $830, police said. Two other tellers said the robber pounded on the counter while demanding the money, police noted.

Witnesses reported the man fled south on Hinesburg Road in a dark colored van with a large dent on the side.

Police subsequently learned that a van matching the getaway vehicle had been stolen from the parking lot at the Maplefields Store at 1801 Williston Road, near Kennedy Drive. South Burlington and Shelburne Police both got reports of a van driving recklessly on Hinesburg Road (Vermont 116) and almost caused two head-on crashes, Pope wrote.

Hinesburg Community Police, along with Shelburne Police, eventually found the van parked at the Mobil Station on Vermont 116 in Hinesburg about 4:37 p.m. The store video showed the driver had left the van in the lot about 4:18 p.m.. South Burlington Police seized the van as evidence.

The details of the St. Albans robbery appeared identical. St. Albans Police said a lone male subject entered the bank and demanded money from the teller about 5:21 p.m. March 22. A weapon was not brandished during the time of the robbery. The subject left the bank with an undisclosed amount of money. The subject left on foot running north on North Main Street.

The day after the South Burlington robbery, St. Albans Police reported Moody was a suspect in their holdup a week earlier and investigators there had interviewed Moody after that robbery. During the interview Moody was wearing a jacket and shoes that appeared to match what the robber was wearing in the video of the Community Bank robbery, police said.

St. Albans and South Burlington Police executed a search warrant at the home of Moody’s parents, where he had been living until a few days before the South Burlington holdup, Pope said. His parents were shown pictures of the South Burlington robbery and both said it appeared to be their son, but they could not be 100 percent certain, said Pope, who had previously worked for St. Albans Police.

A Colchester neighbor came out as police were leaving and was shown pictures from the South Burlington robbery and she said she was 100 percent certain it was Gregory Moody Jr., Pope said.

South Burlington Police said a woman in the bank lobby also was able to identify Moody. She watched the man pulled into the parking lot, get out of the van, pull up his hoodie and was acting strange, police said. She said he later ran out of the bank with cash in his hand, Pope said. When she was shown the pictures of the St. Albans robbery, the witness said it was the same man in South Burlington, Pope said.

South Burlington Police said they arrested him on charges of assault and robbery for the bank holdup, grand larceny for taking the 2013 Chrysler Town and Country van, which was valued in excess of $5,500, and aggravated operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

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