Gregory R. Moody Jr.

Gregory R. Moody Jr.

A Colchester man, charged in connection with a South Burlington bank robbery, has pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court to two counts of robbing banks.

Gregory R. Moody Jr., 38, of Williams Road denied the two felony charges when he appeared for arraignment in federal court on Tuesday.

Moody is charged with stealing $830 from the Community Bank at 1309 Williston Road in South Burlington during a March 28 robbery, according to the indictment returned by a federal grand jury last Thursday.

He also is charged with taking $2,500 from the TD Bank on North Main Street in St. Albans City during a March 22 robbery.

Federal Magistrate John M. Conroy, after Moody’s arrest, had ordered him detained without bail as a danger to the community pending trial. He continued that order on Thursday.

Conroy had noted Moody’s record included five felony convictions he had amassed since 2015. He also had violated probation, Conroy said.

Assistant Federal Public Defender Steven Barth asked for 90 days to investigate the charges and his client’s past criminal record. He said he would then  consider filing pretrial  motions. 

Conroy gave the defense until July 15, noting there are DNA tests also still being run.

No weapon was displayed in either robbery, but the indictment noted in both cases the money was taken from a teller by “force, violence and intimidation.”

South Burlington and St. Albans Police said they had arrested Moody initially on state charges for their respective bank robberies, but he was arraigned in Vermont Superior Court only on the Chittenden County case. Those state charges were later dismissed to make way for prosecution in U.S. District Court, which has stiffer penalties.

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