Gregory J. Gabert

Gregory J. Gabert

One of the most dangerous sex offenders in Vermont history will be released from prison on Monday after spending more than 30 years behind bars for his crimes, officials said.

Gregory J. Gabert, 50, plans to reside in South Burlington, according to the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations. The specific address was not released.

He will be under periodic supervision by the Burlington Probation and Parole Office, officials said.

South Burlington Police will also monitor the situation as needed, Chief Shawn Burke said.

Gabert is described as 6-feet-2 inches, 250 pounds with brownish gray hair and brown eyes.

Gabert’s risk to commit another sex offense is considered in the “High Category” when compared to other jailed sex offenders, the Vermont Corrections Department said.

The department said his risk for general criminal recidivism is considered in the “Moderate Category.”

The DOC said based on his offender history, if Gabert were to sexually re-offend, his most likely victims would be adult females that are both known and are strangers to him.

Gabert has been serving time for two counts of sexual assault and for single counts of lewd and lascivious conduct, assault and robbery and aggravated assault, said Burlington Detective Sgt. Brian LaBarge, the CUSI commander.

The court imposed a combined 22-to-50-year sentence to serve and also threw in a pair of 3-to-5-year prison terms for two earlier burglaries that initially were deferred. Once Gabert got into trouble again, he was told he needed to serve those burglary sentences and they would be on his record.

Gabert pleaded no contest to the five felonies, but later appealed on claims that errors were made when he entered his pleas and when he was sentenced. The Vermont Supreme Court rejected his arguments.

LaBarge said Gabert’s crimes were:

• Lewd and lascivious conduct: Gabert sexually abused a 17-year-old female acquaintance in Williston in April or May 1986.

• Assault and robbery: Gabert assaulted and robbed a female at knifepoint threatening to kill her, then taking her purse and wallet on Sept. 28, 1986 in Burlington.

• Sexual assault: Gabert followed an unknown adult female college student to her dormitory pulling her out of her car while threatening to kill her on Sept. 29, 1986 in Burlington. He then sexually assaulted her.

• Sexual assault and aggravated assault: While released on bail and supposedly on home confinement with his parents, Gabert went to a nearby neighborhood home on Feb. 10, 1987, in Williston. Gabert entered the home under false pretense in order to steal a car. He found an 18-year-old woman with her 18-year-old friend (unknown to Gabert) at the home. He physically assaulted both women and sexually assaulted the female with whom he was acquainted. When he moved them into a vehicle, the unknown woman escaped to a neighbor’s home and called police. Gabert drove off at high speeds and was quickly apprehended by law enforcement.

Gabert will be one of 12 men listed in South Burlington on the Vermont Sex Offender Registry, records show.

He has completed sex offender treatment and he will be released as compliant for the purpose of the registry. Two of the 12 sex offenders in South Burlington are listed as not compliant.  

For further questions contact Burlington Probation & Parole at 863-7350.

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