Two more suspects have been identified in a new federal indictment returned by a grand jury that has been investigating the distribution of methamphetamine in the South Burlington area.

The indictment now links Shane Casey, 50, and Kimberly Jones, 41, both formerly of Milton, to a South Burlington man arrested last week for his part in the distribution of methamphetamine, officials said.

Hamza Sharifshoble, 25, of South Burlington had appeared in U.S. District Court in Burlington for an initial hearing and detention request last week. In the interim, a 10-count indictment was returned.

His lawyer was back in court on Monday, Oct. 28, entering not guilty pleas to five felony charges. The charges maintain Sharifshoble between June 5 and Oct. 15 was involved in four counts of distribution of methamphetamine and one count of aiding and abetting in its distribution.

Casey and Jones previously lived on Main Street in Milton, but are believed to have moved on, Milton Police said.

They are both in custody in Massachusetts on unspecified state charges, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Casey and Jones, who also have lived in Essex and Plainfield, will be returned to Vermont to eventually face the federal indictment. No court date has been set.

Casey is named in five distribution counts between April 3 and June 5, the indictment notes. The June 5 sale was with Sharifshoble, the indictment said.

Jones faces a single felony charge for distributing meth on April 3, the indictment said.

Methamphetamines are a growing drug problem in Chittenden County, according to South Burlington Police Chief Shawn Burke.  A South Burlington detective assigned to the Vermont Drug Task Force was involved in the investigation.

During the hearing Monday Sharifshoble’s federal public defender, Elizabeth Quinn, requested 90 days to investigate the case and file pre-trial motions.

Federal Magistrate John M. Conroy agreed to the request noting lab tests of the suspected drugs need to be completed, and there was electronic surveillance evidence to review. Sharifshoble of 351 Farrell St. was arrested in conjunction with the sale of 15 grams of suspected methamphetamine to a police informant last week while on probation for a drug conviction earlier this year, records show.

The Other Paper reported last week about Sharifshoble’s arrest and the subsequent search at his apartment. The government in seeking his detention, wrote Sharifshoble has “participated in several other significant methamphetamine transactions in 2019.”

Records show investigators also seized 7 grams of methamphetamine, 2 grams of crack cocaine and 2 grams of heroin from the apartment.

The apartment search also yielded a large scale, a blender with suspected drug residue, cutting agents and small baggies typically used for packaging drugs, according to the court motion seeking Sharifshoble’s detention.

Conroy also agreed to issue a federal seizure notice for all deposits and credits within all accounts at the Community Bank in the name of Hashim Muse, 19, who officials said is the defendant’s brother. Muse is listed in court papers as a student at Castleton University.

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