Two Burlington residents were arrested and charged following an investigation into a rash of car break-ins at Red Rocks Park. 

During the latter part of April, the South Burlington Police Department received a number of reports regarding parked vehicles being broken into at Red Rocks Park. This investigation was quickly taken up by both the patrol and detective divisions of the department. 

During the early afternoon hours of May 1, investigators stopped a car occupied by suspects developed during the investigation – Eugene Streeter, 34, and Kaitlin Nelson, 32, both of Burlington. During the course of this traffic stop, Streeter and Nelson were arrested on separate charges. At the time of his arrest, Streeter was found in possession of 40 bags of heroin while Nelson was found in possession of misdemeanor quantities of both heroin and cocaine. Investigators charged Streeter with six counts of false pretenses and identity theft for his use of the stolen credit and debit cards taken from vehicles parked at Red Rocks Park in April. 

Nelson was charged with violation of conditions of release in addition to the new drug charges. According to the South Burlington Police press release from Chief Shawn Burke, the alleged crimes were drug-related and citizens should lock their cars and be alert.

“Crime as outlined here highlights the intersection of drug addiction and criminality,” Burke stated. “The opportunity to break into a vehicle containing a hand bag, purse, or other valuables left in plain sight is simply too tempting. The South Burlington Police Department urges everyone to remove valuables from their car or otherwise stow valuables out of sight.”

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