A domestic disturbance call at the Swiss Host Motel on Williston Road ended with the arrest of a South Burlington man.

Police said they arrested Christopher Badger, 30, after responding to a third party complaint of a domestic disturbance at the motel at 10:17 p.m. on Dec. 19.

According to police, the caller was a friend of the female victim residing at the motel. The caller advised the on-duty dispatcher that her friend had sent her a Facebook message saying that she and her boyfriend were having an argument and that it was an “emergency.”

Officers arrived on scene and as they approached the parking lot, they heard a woman in distress. According to the police press release, officers heard the woman yell, “I want to leave!”

Officers approached the room where the yelling was coming from and could see a foot between the jamb and the door. They said they could hear the woman state several times, “Let me go, I want to leave!”

When SBPD officers tried to open the door to help the woman, they said they were met with resistance as a man was holding the door shut on the woman’s foot in an attempt to keep the woman inside. The woman was holding a two year-old child on the ground at the time she was attempting to leave the man, police said.

Officers forced the door open to free the woman and sent the man back a few feet to make entry. The male, identified as Badger, was arrested for Unlawful Restraint in the second degree based upon the officer’s first-hand observations and after interviewing the female victim.

None of the parties were injured during the altercation. Badger was lodged at Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility for lack of $4,000 bail. He was arraigned on Dec. 20.

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