Most parks in South Burlington require dogs to be leashed and are clearly marked as such. When dogs are allowed off leashes they still must be under the control of their owner. This is basic stuff and shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Yet, without fail, every time my family and I go to a park we have to deal with at least one dog rushing and freaking out my young children. This is irritating, and possibly dangerous (as we know nothing about these dogs). And to make it worse, most of these dogs’ owners either aren’t paying attention or seem to think it’s cute.

Neighbors, please show some consideration and keep your dogs on a leash or under control. I know it’s possible, since most dog owners I encounter have happily leashed dogs or well-trained ones running along at their heels. Again, this is basic, neighborly stuff. It’s also best for the dogs, as an under-control dog will not get unduly stressed, lost or injured. And, it’s the law.

Peter Henne

South Burlington

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