I am writing in regard to Rep. John Killacky’s legislative update in the May 2 edition of The Other Paper.

While I support recognizing both indigenous and non-native Vermonters’ contributions and cultures here in Vermont, I do not support another political correctness of wiping away the history of these United States.

His argument that this change will highlight their contributions and historical wrongs redressed makes little sense. Which historical wrongs is he referring to? Applying standards of 2019 to those actions in 1492 is ludicrous. What’s next? Reparations?

The dismissal of the celebration of the discovery of America is just another step so that Rep. Killacky and others can say, “Look at me, look at us in Vermont, we are sorry for … whatever it is you are apologizing for.”

Next step take it out of the textbooks and let’s portray Columbus as a petty criminal instead of the unbelievable explorer and risk taker he was.

Sad you have no sense of pride in our history as controversial as it is - sad you seek to eliminate our history - sad this is the state of affairs in the Vermont I cherish.

Let’s take down Ethan Allen Chapel next.

Mike Rozzi

South Burlington

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