The South Burlington Progressive Party welcomes Imam Islam Hassan and all congregants, and a hearty congratulations to the Islamic Society of Vermont, who purchased their new Masjid a mere two weeks ago (at this writing). This action adds to the kaleidoscopic expression of humanity that South Burlington seeks to be. 

We, all of us – without exception – have always had more in common than any smallness that may distinguish us as other. Since the beginning of this most recent presidency, I have had on my front lawn a yard sign that states: “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.” To include another way to love God into our community can only be a beautiful thing.

This blossoming is especially poignant for members of the Progressive Party, given the push back this presidential administration has given to various brothers and sisters, Muslims among the most belittled, as who we are is a sibling-hood of citizens that are a stand for justice at every turn; social justice being at the top of our priorities.

So yes, we are all blessed and better off as we continue to literally grow our community, see new ways to include and celebrate each other. May we always be inclusive, always seek to love and always seek social justice.

Dr. Frank Davis

South Burlington Progressive Party, Chair

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