I say Jobu, you say SoBu; let’s call the whole thing off.

To the city council: publish in The Other Paper a request for proposal for the “identity package,” the recipients and the received proposals then pass the chapeau among you and collect the $15,000 you blew on nonsense (put it back in our treasury).

Second, SoBu rhymes with JoBu (see “Major League” movie). In addition, if you Google it, does Jobu look familiar?

Third, Merriam Webster defines nickname as a usually descriptive name given instead of or in addition to the one belonging to a person, place, or thing. A nickname is not something you put out to bid and purchase, rather it is a friendly or unfriendly handle you hang on something.

Fourth, Front Porch Forum runs an internet bulletin board for suggestions and the one with the most approvals is our nickname: ShOwBUs, SlOwBURn, SnOwBUll, abSOrBUs, SO reBUlls, SOoBscURe, ShO Be UR (Ur should have been our team nickname — Ur means first and original).

The creative minds in the community will come up with something good.

Bruz Trutor

South Burlington

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