Last year the U.N. reported that 30 million people, most of whom live in India and the rest live in China, do not have enough oxygen in their air to breath healthfully. Who is to blame? Vermonters? The so-called environmentalists only focus on the production of carbon from vehicles, energy use, and manufacturing, while ignoring the destruction of the Earth’s ability to convert CO2 to oxygen found in the Earth’s oceans and forests.

There is a half a million square mile area of the Pacific Ocean that is filled with plastics and garbage and probably tens of millions more square miles that are impaired. This suppression of the Earth’s ability to convert CO2 to oxygen has the equivalent effect of carbon producers producing CO2 24-seven. According to Smithsonian, China produces 30 times and India 10 times the amount of oceanic pollution as the U.S. As for the forests, Brazil and Russia lead the world in deforestation.

The Copenhagen Climate Conference, which was the precursor to the Paris Climate Accord, corruptly “agreed” that the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) did not have to suppress their carbon emissions, their oceanic pollution or their deforestation until 2030. The BRICS nations represent about 40 percent of the world’s population and probably more than half of the climate problem, if you include carbon emissions, oceanic pollution, and deforestation.

The BRICS nations’ 2030 exemptions makes the Paris Climate Accord unfair. If the U.S. was removed from the world, the “climate” situation would continue to get worse. Why don’t the so-called environmentalists support President Trump’s view that this is a bad deal, there are other countries doing bad things and that the Accord should be renegotiated? Do they care more about politics than the environment?

In contrast, Vermont is 75 percent forested. We protect our forests. Has anyone calculated our true carbon footprint including our forest ability to remove CO2? Manipulated people say, “Think global, but act local.” Why can’t our Legislature instead call for worldwide sanctions on the real polluters instead of blaming conscientious Vermonters?

Mitchel Cypes

South Burlington

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