I just finished reading the letter from Sandy Dooley in the recent edition of The Other Paper (Aug. 15, 2019). I wholeheartedly agree with her that we should cancel the contract for a design of a new recreation center. 

Ms. Dooley has put forward a very well thought-out and compelling argument. I, on the other hand, have a very simple reason for canceling the contract. The voters said “no” to an option tax that could have raised money for a recreation center. Why would we possibly need to design something that should not be built as far as the voters are concerned? 

I made the argument in the last letter I wrote to The Other Paper that the city council has no regard for the will of the voters unless they are in agreement with the council’s grand plan. 

So, as we all now know we are getting a recreation center by hook or by crook, may I suggest a giant middle finger like the one in Westford as the art installation we will need to put in front of it? We could even do it in bronze to match the geese we will be getting. 

Dan Saunders

South Burlington

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Dan, the vote in March was for a local options tax increase of 1% on sales and rooms and meals to finance the recreation center and several other possible projects in the future. I’m all in favor of a recreation center but voted no for the local options tax. We don’t yet have a plan or price tag so increasing the tax rate seemed premature.

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