With respect to SoBu, I have to respond.

I will quote The Other Paper, July 18, 2019 in response to SoBu or not SoBu article.

“The identity package effort cost the city a total of $17,567, including $15,000 paid to Amett Muldrow & Associates for the work.”  

“Amett Muldrow & Associates deemed ‘SoBu’ appropriate for social media like Twitter, which limit the number of characters per post. However, they did not encourage its use offline. … Using #sobu is NOT a suggestion that the abbreviated term be used in common parlance.”

Further, Tripp Muldrow “reiterated that the consulting firm recommended limiting its use to social media post.” Muldrow went on to say he too would be saddened if South Burlington beccame known as SoBu.

So, why did we spend $15,000 on consultants and not take their advice?

By the way, when I pay my taxes should I make my check payable to South Burlington or to  SoBu?

Robert Irish

South Burlington

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