At South Burlington High School (SBHS), being a varsity team captain is both an honor and a responsibility. The title of captain comes with the expectation of leadership and service. Coaches are asked to carefully select their captains, recognizing those individuals who offer more in terms of character, work ethic, and willingness to help others.

Each year over 50 individuals serve as varsity captains at SBHS and each captain is required to participate in The SBHS Captains’ Leadership Training Program. Sessions are designed to encourage and assist varsity captains from all sports to explore the role, challenges, and influence of being a team captain, while also celebrating successes, learning new skills, and getting support from each other. SBHS was one of the first high schools in the country to implement a leadership-training program specifically for high school captains. Former SBHS Athletic Director, Michael O’Day, created the program 17 years ago. Sheila Stawinski, the original facilitator of the program, continues to lead during the fall and spring seasons, and Yvette Amblo-Bose, a Burlington High School counselor, proudly facilitates the program during the winter season. SBHS graduates Shannon Kynoch, who is also the St. Michael’s College women’s’ basketball coach, and Amblo-Bose coordinated the session between the two leadership groups.

According to Amblo Bose, “This winter, SBHS had a very strong group of captains who deserve to be publicly recognized and thanked for their commitment and service to their teams and school.”

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