Recently, the South Burlington 13-year-old Babe Ruth tournament team played a team from the Dominican Republic. Organized by Jason Lenihan and Marisha Kazeniac of The Vermont Institute on the Caribbean’s Baseball Exchange, baseball between Vermont and Dominican youths is in its fifth year. During the game, SB players got a chance to practice their skills, hospitality and Spanish. The Dominican players followed with practicing their wonderful sportsmanship, Spanish and English. Although there was a mixture of cultures the language of baseball made it easy to communicate with each other. A great game of baseball was enjoyed by all. South Burlington came away with a victory at the end of the game.

After the game, a meal was shared, a true taste of American fare on the eve of the 4th of July. The hotdogs and the grill were donated by the South Burlington Rotary and pizza was generously discounted by Sean McGrath, resident and owner of South Burlington’s Marco’s Pizzeria. Team parents pulled together to complete the feast with watermelon, chips, pasta salads and brownies. It was a memorable experience for all brought together by the common love of baseball.

South Burlington players included Tyler Ayers, Michael Baechle, Colby Barrett, Nate Bonna, Ryan Burt, Thomas Demag, Matthew Gilwee, Theodore Gonyaw, Preston Grippo, Spencer Liberman, Patrick McMackin, Kyle Murakami, Miles Scanlon and Cameron Zagursky. The team’s manager is Russell Burt, coaches are Kevin Murakami and Terri Lieberman, the assistant coaches are Dave Grippo, Dave Demag and Jordan Lieberman.

SOURCE: Angela Zagursky

PHOTO CREDIT: Lynn Baechle

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