Anthony Ebron

Anthony Ebron

A South Burlington man is facing a felony cocaine charge in federal court following a drug raid at his home on Williston Road.

Anthony Ebron, 53, knowingly and intentionally possessed cocaine with intent to distribute it according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.  

Investigators seized almost 14 ounces of suspected cocaine, including packaging, during a raid at Ebron’s residence at 1474 Williston Road, east of Gilbert Street, last week, court records show.

Also confiscated was $10,160 from Ebron, his car and residence, a court affidavit said.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force said the raid at the single-story white home with attached garage followed a series of three drug sales beginning in October 2018.

Magistrate Judge John M. Conroy released Ebron on several conditions during a detention hearing in U.S. District Court on Friday afternoon.

Ebron had 5.8 grams of suspected cocaine and packaging on him when arrested during the raid on March 4, said Essex Police Detective Christopher May, who is assigned to the task force.

Another 367.5 grams, including packaging, of suspected cocaine was located in a closet in the master bedroom, May said in a sworn affidavit. He added another 20 grams of suspected cocaine with  packaging was seized under a computer desk in the living room.

All three packages field tested positive for cocaine, May wrote. 

Ebron’s wife, Diana denied any involvement with the suspected cocaine, the DEA said. She reported her husband had an issue with substance abuse in the past, the affidavit said.

South Burlington Police reported Officer Aaron Dince arrested Anthony Ebron on March 5, 2018 for a charge of felony possession of more than 5 grams of crack and powder cocaine. City police said they arrested him again May 20, 2018 for violating the conditions of release while operating his Chrysler 300.

During the raid last week, investigators seized $3,300 from Ebron and $1,200 from his car, May said.

During the search of Ebron’s residence, investigators seized $4,660 from a nightstand in the master bedroom and another $1,000 from the top dresser drawer in the master bedroom.

The court affidavit is vague on details of the three alleged sales. One sale is believed to have happened on Oct. 18, but there is no indication in the sworn affidavit on how much cocaine was purchased or what price was paid by the confidential source working with investigators. 

A second equally vague sale allegedly happened on Oct. 29. 

Again no details were provided to the court on how much money was provided to the confidential source to make the reported deal, or how much drugs were obtained.  

The investigation took a break after the confidential source was deactivated in December 2018 after he was dishonest about his drug use, court records show. The investigation resumed in February after the confidential source went to drug rehabilitation treatment.

The third sale is the most vague. The four paragraphs in the affidavit also had no details and indicated only the sale happened sometime during the week of Feb. 20.

The paperwork does say after each alleged sale the drug tested positive for cocaine.

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