Legislative Update

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The FY2020 state budget goes into effect July 1, 2019. It is a balanced budget. It uses one-time money, from unanticipated revenues, for one-time purposes. It reflects fully funded statutorily mandated reserves, with total reserves at 13.2 pe…

Guest Perspectives

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Dog bites post a serious health risk to people, communities, and society as a whole. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 800,000 people receive medical care for dog bites and over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each …

In Musing

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I have a weird fascination with nudist resorts. And by fascination, I mean horror. Actually, it is akin to horror films. For both, I’m very curious about what happens, but would never in a million years go to find out. The two of them live on…


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Early on May 31 we had a preview of what is in store for South Burlington when the F-35s will be permanently based at our airport. Our home is not in the most sensitive area. Although we are near University Mall, the noise level was intolerab…

Councilor Corner

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I love summer. Biking, warm weather, family gatherings with a barbeque, swimming in the lake, running on our rec paths without three layers of gear and opening windows to let in some fresh air. But with the sun, rain and warmth come other nec…

A Space in Time

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This year we got a real jump start on the holidays. Within two days of licking our Thanksgiving plates, we had cut down a tree, put it in its stand, decorated it, and adorned the house in full holiday regalia. This was motivated by joyous ant…

The Forest and the Trees

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South Burlington has a longer history than you might imagine. Today we will look at a first installment of a very brief overview of the changes that South Burlington has undergone over the past half billion (yes, with a “B”) years. In upcomin…

Wellness Works

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Tadasana, aka “mountain pose,” is my favorite yoga pose and not just because it looks like I’m simply standing still. There’s a lot going on with tadasana. It’s like pressing “reset” for the upcoming poses, thinking about alignment, breathing…

Message from the School Board

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In a recent The Other Paper advertisements and in flyers sent to teachers, the South Burlington Educators’ Association implied that the school board has failed to negotiate in good faith during the current negotiating cycle. The union wrongly…

Help is Here

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School’s out – or will be soon – and many parents are wondering how they can help their children maintain some of the skills they acquired during the school year. It may be easier than you think, as many common summertime activities involve r…

Positive Parenting

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Early childhood education is in the spotlight. It is a national issue, and on the forefront of people’s minds locally as well. A legislative bill was introduced in Vermont this session (H.194), an act relating to establishing incentives for e…

Vermont Bird Scene

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Well, a few Snowy Owls, that is. So far, this winter hasn’t seen a flood of the big white beauties into our area, but some are visiting Vermont and they’re kindly hanging out where lots of people might see them.

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