Legislative Update

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The last week in March, the Appropriations Committee presented H. 542, its proposed FY2020 budget, to the full House. It took about two and a half hours. It passed both second and third readings with only one vote in the negative. Judging fro…

Guest Perspective

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Dog bites post a serious health risk to people, communities, and society as a whole. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 800,000 people receive medical care for dog bites and over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each …

In Musing

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The other day, while dressing for work, I was in my closet deciding what to wear. While sporting only leggings, a disastrous look of epic proportions, I selected this lovely thin-knit sweater, so new you could almost see the sales-tag swingin…


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Vermont stands at a crossroads on criminal justice reform. The direction we choose will have enormous implications for the well-being of Vermont communities for generations to come.

Councilor Corner

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Where did February go? And March is almost over! I was busy campaigning by answering questions posed by The Other Paper, working on social media web pages, and attending a channel 17 interview with Dave Kaufman. Meanwhile, the city was trying…

A Space in Time

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This year we got a real jump start on the holidays. Within two days of licking our Thanksgiving plates, we had cut down a tree, put it in its stand, decorated it, and adorned the house in full holiday regalia. This was motivated by joyous ant…

Wellness Works

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Twenty years from now, I’ll be in sight of the average life expectancy for Americans. That’s a daunting thought, especially when I review the last 20 years which have flown on many levels. There were days that felt interminable, but years wri…

Message from the School Board

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One of the roles of the school board is to advocate for legislative change that supports public education. To that end, in December 2018, the board sent a memo to the House and Senate members who represent South Burlington, setting forth the …

Help is Here

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We experience change throughout our whole lives. However, some of the changes we experience as we enter our later years are unique and can be more challenging than the changes we experience when we are younger. On the other hand, many older a…

Positive Parenting

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For years, two-year-olds have gotten a bad rap being called the “terrible twos.” If you are a parent or caregiver of a two-year-old, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Hold on to your hats because it is the three-year-old that can b…

Vermont Bird Scene

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Well, a few Snowy Owls, that is. So far, this winter hasn’t seen a flood of the big white beauties into our area, but some are visiting Vermont and they’re kindly hanging out where lots of people might see them.

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