Legislative Update

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Many an October I have written about domestic violence. This October is no different but for the fact that it is now well over a year since we lost our neighbor Anako (Annette) Lumumba on May 3, 2018. For her family and friends and for our sh…

Wellness Works

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I’ve been scratching my head for 30 years about behavioral health and well-being. Early in those 11,000 days when I was a newbie in the field and looking forward to being more seasoned, I fully expected, however naively, that my central quest…

The Forest and the Trees

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Hot seems to be one of the “hot” words of the week for me. I am writing today’s column the day before the Global Climate Strike and the convening of the United Nations Climate Summit. You are getting this week’s The Other Paper in the midst o…

Vermont Bird Scene

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Most birds can make noise. They whistle, chip, cheep, chirp or trill. They buzz or squeak or honk. One, the American Bittern, even burps! But some birds make noises that we humans hear as song, and May and June are the very best times of the …

Councilor Corner

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Following a fairly quiet summer, your city council is hard at work consolidating and finalizing the work of various interim zoning committees and monitoring the Market Street/City Center developments.

A Space in Time

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This year we got a real jump start on the holidays. Within two days of licking our Thanksgiving plates, we had cut down a tree, put it in its stand, decorated it, and adorned the house in full holiday regalia. This was motivated by joyous ant…


In Musing

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Today, it’s Oct. 3, which means 89 days remain until the end of the year. That’s 2.96 months, if you consider all months to have 30 days, which they don’t. Some ding-dong along the way decided to mix it up so several months have 31 days. 

Positive Parenting

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Halloween on a Saturday? To say, I don’t think this is the best idea since sliced bread, ice cream and coffee would be an understatement. I speak for every single teacher, educator, care provider and nanny on the earth who lives in a communit…

Help is Here

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The practice of mindfulness has become popular in the last several years, yet there is still much confusion around what it actually means. I was first introduced to mindfulness through my education and training. I wanted to use mindfulness, s…

Message from the School Board

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On Sept. 4, the school board voted unanimously to develop plans for a new middle school, high school and physical education and athletic center in preparation for a community vote on the project in March 2020.

View from the Bench

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After 32 years as a practicing attorney handling various family issues, I now sit “behind the bench” serving as one of the two Chittenden Superior Court assistant judges. Thank you for electing me to this four-year term position.

Guest Perspectives

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“The times they are a changin’ …’” wrote a certain Mr. Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) and for the members of the natural world here in South Burlington, as well as all around the world, these changes can create some serious problems. Existential p…

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